3 inferior news network on August 6 message on August 5 morning, by a definite date 3 days 2020 3 inferior city is accelerated advance what groom from series of trade harbor construction ” zoology is civilized ” special subject seminar is in 3 inferior Party school of municipal Party committee flies a class, bao Hongwen of vice secretary of municipal Party committee, acting mayor attends Ban Yi type, wang Lisheng of vice secretary of municipal Party committee chairs class ceremony.

Bencipei example by 3 inferior ministry of organization of municipal Party committee and 3 inferior bureau of environment of town organisms’ habits is held jointly, cadre of leader of party card of constituent whole town begins study of systematization of zoology civilization job to groom. Groom the class invites domain of environmental protection of domestic and international zoology famous expert scholar, the key gives birth to form culture thought, green to develop superintend of the concept, environmental protection central to rectify and reform the job around Xi Jinping, ” without useless city ” the content such as construction undertakes schoolteaching.

That day morning, hao Jiming of academician of Gu Feng of director of center of education of conduct propaganda of zoology environment ministry, Chinese Academy of Engineering was made respectively ” learn to know comprehend to do an exercitation to make the same score zoology civilization thought nearly, had hit stoutly dozen win battle of assault fortified positions of contaminative prevention and cure ” ” the green below zoology civilization setting is consumed ” special subject coachs. Gu Feng system is combed and deep illuminate thought of civilization of Xi Jinping zoology, from ” follow model tomorrow in order to review thought of culture of form of close all one’s life is ” angle, told about environment of protective organisms’ habits and development economy from go up at all telling is organic and unified, supplement each other, want determined slam the door ” pollute first, hind processing ” old road, handle environmental protection and the relation that economy grows correctly, maintain the strategy that reinforces zoology civilization to build to decide force.

Hao Jiming consumes green of process, our country to consume the current situation from international limits green, 3 inferior city advances green consumption to carry out 3 respects to spread out, the international experience that introduced to include country or the area such as Japan, European Union, United States to drive green to consume, the problem of the requirement that elaborated consumption of our country green in detail, practice, existence and opinion suggest.

Wang Lisheng expresses, environment of good modes of life and relation to their environment is the fundamental premise that builds port of Hainan free trade, of two experts give lessons let personnel of all attend a lecture gave birth to form culture thought to have more deep understanding and knowledge to Xi Jinping, the personnel that join model should comprehend zoology civilization deeply to build the extreme value of harbor of pair of Hainan free trade, study sth in order to apply it, guidance is carried out, cogent solve various party card to lead thought of culture of cadre opposite form to know ” not not comprehensive, deep, do not reach the designated position ” and carry out the existence in fulfilling ” difference in temperature ” ” fall ” ” deviation ” wait for a problem, the right way that ensures 100 days of big superintend rectify and reform zoology environmental protection, method and actual effect, drive in coordination 3 inferior Gao Shuiping protects development of economic high quality and zoology environment, let macrocosm ” without useless city ” construction is become 3 inferior in harbor of Hainan free trade

The new engine that the high quality in construction develops.

City quadruplet team is led, each area (area of Yo ability zoology) Party committee, government is main chief, two courtyards, city concerns law check each continuously branch, city is belonged to enterprise or business chief of division of garden of unit, key plays groom, the chief of business administrative or technical offices of relevant section also enters environmental protection of town organisms’ habits together groom.