On August 4 before dawn, 3 inferior bridge of phoenix of city phoenix road, the staff member wears a sruveyor’s level on bridge floor, collect deflection data. Chen Cong of our newspaper reporter acute hearing photograph

The staff member undertakes to bridge safety detects. Chen Cong of our newspaper reporter acute hearing photograph

3 inferior news network on August 5 message (Hong Guangyue of Li Xiang of reporter of learn on job’s reporter) on August 4 before dawn 00: 30, enter dreamland gradually when people, the reporter will to phoenix bridge see a busy picture however: Come from quality of project of Guangxi vessel constant to detect the staff member of limited company, collecting data of meet an emergency with computer in bridge edge, they have sruveyor’s level in bridge floor wearing, collect deflection data, direction is spent to place acceleration sensor in experimental bridge end length, the acceleration that the place measures when collecting load car to pass bridge… 3 inferior city is municipal safeguard lash-up center to measure need according to bridge safety check, come from July 31 in August 14

Day, ordinal right 3 inferior 15 municipal bridge undertake bridge safety detects.

“The phoenix bridge that detects tonight is the 5th detects bridge, 15 days should detect 15 bridges, time urgent task is heavy, it is test to person and equipment. ” spot controller Qin Gang tells a reporter, mix to ensure road transportation safety is orderly ” bridge safety detects ” the job goes on wheels, the urban district of 15 bridge detect and data collects the job to all be in before dawn 00: 30 – 04: 30 undertake, policeman branch also is carried out to bridge in this one period of time temporarily traffic control.

As we have learned, the data of nightly spot collects the job to basically be given priority to with load experiment, cent is static carry experiment and dynamic experiment two kinds. It is with phoenix bridge exemple, cloth sets good data to collect a place, the experiment divides class to undertake by 2 operating mode. Static carry an experiment to use 4 lorries of 35 tons of 3 axes carring capacity classification to load, detect the meet an emergency that in every operating mode various load issues mixes bridge deflection; Dynamic the experiment is used 1 – 2 load car, pass experiment bridge with different speed paragraph, the dynamical response that measures bridge with acceleration sensor and from brace up characteristic.

In addition, by day 13: 00 – 16: 00 period of time, the staff member still uses bridge check car or scaffold, undertake to complete bridge exterior quality inspection and nondestructive detect, the analysis is passed after collecting data, have grade to the technical condition of bridge.

“Understand each bridge to show the technical condition of level in the round only, we just can decide the dependability of bridge construction, the conserve management that is bridge and safe battalion carry provide academic basis. ” 3 inferior city is municipal defend chief of lash-up center project Chen Shan talking expresses, next, the basis 15 bridge detect the assess result of the report, make corresponding bridge conserve run measure, ensure bridge construction safety reachs service life, a travel that guarantees broad citizen thereby is safe.