“Without accompany children ” service safeguard children is safe.

3 inferior news network the word came as heat carry on August 5, 3 inferior phoenix International Airport (the following abbreviation ” 3 inferior the airport ” ) greet ” without accompany children ” give a summit, the staff member is guided ” without accompany children ” , the form that old hand involves little hand to move back and forth in boat station building becomes a beautiful beautiful scenery line. In the light of ” without accompany children ” the problem that the parents in giving a course care generally, 3 inferior the airport is special roll out ” without accompany children ” seize the opportunity guideline.

One, how long does need come to the airport ahead of schedule?

Because of 3 inferior the airport needs to give harbor passenger to undertake temperature detect to all entering, domestic flight number suggests you shift to an earlier date at least two hours arrive at the airport to deal with seize the opportunity formalities.

2, whether to enter children of boat station building to need to adorn guaze mask?

Epidemic situation of good to do normalization is prevented accuse, all passengers that enter boat station building and staff member (include children) , must adorn guaze mask, ask you to do good individual to defend ahead of schedule.

3, whether all airline can be all dealt with without accompany children service?

3 inferior the airport acts as agent at present the special fare of 30 airline serves, to answer epidemic situation effectively, partial airline is aimed at area of medium, high risk to already paused at present ” without accompany children ” service. Hainan aviation rises from July 27, divide the other country line outside heading for airliner of assorted of Urumqi, noise made in coughing or vomiting to restore entirely without Wu of the customer service that accompany force; Chengdu aviation rose on July 16, of course of area of epidemic situation low risk without accompany a passenger to be able to be received deal with, involve epidemic situation area of medium, high risk all is not offerred at present serve without the guest that accompany force; Xiamen aviation rose on July 18, outside eliminating line of area of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Xinjiang, Tibet, all can deal with normally without accompany a service.

3 inferior airport warmth reminds each passenger: Because suffer epidemic situation effect, the policy of each airline can be changed at any time, to prevent policy change affects your travel, if need to apply for to not have,accompany children service, ask you to seek advice before buying a ticket

Takes airline, if have any doubt, you still can be dialed 3 inferior the airport serves a hot line 24 hours 0898, 9612333 undertake advisory.