3 inferior news network on August 6 message on August 5, survey of special subject of circumstance of operation of construction of facilities of processing of sewage of complete province country and group of survey of activity of travel notes of world of Hainan environmental protection was walked into 2020 3 inferior, the operation that handles the establishment construction, country sewage that already built to handle installation around rural sewage, build rural sewage to handle establishment operation to safeguard the content such as circumstance of lasting effect mechanism to begin survey.

Survey group heads a group by Xie Zhenxing of chairman of committee of job of resource of environment of standing committee of province National People’s Congress. That day, survey group group risks rain to head for the village of building of skyline district station, village before holding in the arms, sewage disposal of and other places of village of building of village of north of area of Chinese flowering crabapple, dragon stands, examine rural sewage to handle establishment to build operation case on the spot, these projects collect equipment of wet land of labor of choose and employ persons, unifinication adequately to wait for processing technology, administer rural sewage effectively. In village of building of dragon of area of Chinese flowering crabapple sewage disposal stands when survey, artificial the overgrow in wet pool the plant that purifies water quality, before looking at an eye, rectify and reform end, repair one new sewage disposal establishment, survey group group is right 3 inferior rectify and reform a circumstance adjust measures to local conditions of establishment of rural sewage disposal, in time to offer affirmation.

Survey group shows, farming

Sewage administers the village the job is pollution battle of assault fortified positions of prevention and cure and punish of environment of rural person house act 3 years serious content, also be a when executive countryside revitalizes the strategy main task. Should raise politics to stand, height takes seriously, combinative village is actual, build rural sewage to administer the lasting effect mechanism of carry dimension. Should combine actual and integrated consideration to build the respect element such as investment, moving charge and operation effect to build a project to undertake planning to design to be in, ensure establishment uses efficiency; Should accelerate push project of rural sewage disposal, perfect sewage collects form a complete set tubal a network centrally, raise sewage to center processing rate; Should strengthen pair of sewage disposal establishment to safeguard reach management, invite professional group to undertake move and be maintenanced, make rural sewage disposal is on science to change, standardization, system changes administrative course, raise rural person to reside environmental quality stage by stage.

In recent years 3 inferior increase capital investment ceaselessly, advance rural sewage to administer energetically. Current the natural village that whole town brings into rural sewage to administer limits has 391, among them 350 natural villages already foul water of country of project of EPCO of foul water of countryside of start working construction, beautiful country administers a project. Up to now, whole town shares 118 each to the village builds and try moving concentration type like that sewage disposal establishment 80, dispersive type sewage disposal establishment 3437.

Zhang Yu flies, Wu Qingjiang joins survey.