“The illness stabilizes my younger brother today, hands or feet can be moved. ” on August 8, the reporter is in know from Mai Mingshuai’s family member, mai Mingshuai is in after confusing be in hospital 6 days, hands or feet begins Youzhijiao, the body each index returns to normal gradually.

On August 3

3 inferior Mai Ming of book student studying abroad

Shuai Zaitai country breaks out serious defect, be sent into Bangkok hospital ICU to accept treatment, diagnose fails for acute liver function.

On August 6

Group of classics hospital expert is diagnosed, already eliminated Mai Mingshuai to suffer from meningitis.

On August 8

Mai Jing tells Mai Mingshuai’s elder sister the reporter, transaminase index of Mai Mingshuai fell somewhat that day, the eye is opened a little, “Can see eyeball is slight and rotational, hands or feet also can be moved, but still do not have complete come to. But still do not have complete come to..

Classmate Liu Jiaji of Mai Mingshuai also tells a reporter, on August 8 that day, the hands or feet after Mai Mingshuai hears speaking voice is met respond, but be confined to is slight swing. Mai Mingshuai’s illness is at present stable, each way that index been goinging develops the body, consciousness also is restoring slowly, predict to awake very quickly.

As we have learned, mai Mingshuai is after Thailand be laid up, the family member should be driven toward Thailand to attend agog, but get new hat influence of pneumonic epidemic situation, thailand place does not allow the means that the family member signs with travel to head for. On August 7, be in 3 inferior below the help of concerned branch and Thailand Hainan guild hall, thailand is stationed in passageway of green of open up of Guangzhou consulate general, mai Mingshuai’s parents will fly to Bangkok from Guangzhou on August 9.

It is reported, recently 3 inferior date of public of daily government small letter rolls out ” 3 inferior Thailand of book student studying abroad breaks out serious defect: Bad family member of anxious of cost of a day of 60 thousand yuan of medical treatment ” after one article, cause social love personage to pay close attention to extensively. On August 8, company of risk of safe life of travel of institute of mesa of Mai Mingshuai alma mater and program institute and China 3 inferior the branch also sends love contribute money respectively. Up to now, mai Mingshuai’s family member already got more than yuan 90 thousand love contribute money. (3 inferior Hong Guangyue of reporter of media of medium be in harmony)