Original title: 3 inferior hold policy of industry of new and high technology to explain to public can strengthen innovation drive to optimize battalion business environment

3 inferior news network on August 6 message ” company of new and high technology enjoys city degree award of fee of research and development is top do not exceed 500 thousand yuan ” ” ingoing of the whole outside the province 3 inferior company of new and high technology (national level) will give one-time 500 thousand yuan of award ” … on August 5, 3 inferior management board of district of central business affairs and 3 inferior bureau of letter of city family work is held jointly 3 inferior policy of industry of city new and high technology explains to public meeting, the attestation standard that company of policy, new and high technology rewards related industry of new and high technology of introductory province city, declare flow and award to fill cash the content such as the program, attracted spaceflight to count couplet, Hainan orgnaization of the business of division of 10 more than home such as the science and technology, Pu Huayong path, group that protect interest, college, scientific research attends.

It is reported, at the beginning of this year, ” 3 inferior cognizance management of company of new and high technology reachs city town level give aid to method ” come on stage formally, through carrying out multinomial and agile give aid to policy, support development of estate of new and high technology. Up to now, 3 inferior already finished maintain (city class) company of new and high technology 10, it is 31 in all (national level) company of new and high technology provides promotive fund 15.5 million yuan, cover the wisdom such as information of biology and new medicine, electron concentrated model enterprise, from trade harbor for Hainan construction innovation element collects contributive force. 3 inferior area of central business affairs around ” 4 + 2 ” industrial essence enrols business definitely, accelerate advance key compose to build with headquarters economy, finance houseboat of service, modern trade, passenger liner is dominant, professional service and culture are recreational for the modern industry system that support, up to now, new register an enterprise to amount to 226, there is no lack of among them new and high technology or relevant estate company, include spaceflight to count couplet (Hainan) investment of science and technology develops limited company of Information Industry development, Hainan finite liability company.

“Relevant unit chief and industry expert coach how we declare company of new and high technology and relevant award to wait, simplify for the enterprise optimize handle affairs flow, reasonable arrangement maintains an order, garden area is active environment of business of top-ranking to mark international battalion, let us be in 3 inferior investment development enjoys more material benefit and advantage, the development below setting is built from trade harbor in Hainan to the enterprise confident. ” investment of science and technology develops Hainan chief Zhou Yashi says related finite liability company.

3 inferior industry of management board of district of central business affairs serves Xiao Le of a controller to express, garden area will strengthen essence of life to enrol business definitely around modern industry system, scientific position is new

Model industry, accelerate push movable city confluence to develop, strengthen pair of enterprises to begin policy to explain to public, the service does sth for sb, investment seeks advice wait for whole journey excellent service, make international hard environment of top-ranking battalion business, the Hainan that help strength is built from trade harbor.