3 inferior news network on August 7 message (3 inferior Bin of Zhang Hui of Guo Yanju of reporter of media of medium be in harmony) Hainan is duty-free from the island on July 1 new politics fact inflict comes, hainan tourism anabiosises momentum is powerful. Data shows, duty-free from the island new politics to travel relevant industry drives force to increase ceaselessly. The personage inside course of study thinks, domestic consumer goes abroad ” buy buy buy ” change direction sadly from trade harbor duty-free shop swim, “Hainan shops swim ” C go out.

Data shows, in duty-free new politics drive, hainan the consumptive market of 2 quarters is remarkable this year get warm again after a cold spell. First half of the year, complete province leaves turnover of insular tax free article 85. 7.2 billion yuan, grow 30 compared to the same period. 7 % ; Among them, june turnover 22. 9.9 billion yuan, grow 235 % compared to the same period. Duty-free from the island in July sale makes an appointment with 2.5 billion yuan, grow 240 % compared to the same period.

Leave an island duty-free to shop to travel relevant industry is driven apparent. Data shows, duty-free from the island new politics after the message is released, the search that carries Cheng to travel about Hainan measures annulus to exceed 200 % than growing. Since July, duty-free from the island new politics effect and summer vacation time swim effect overlay, the hotel is booked very hot, 3 inferior public house of region of bay of Chinese flowering crabapple already appeared the case that one house tries hard, enter rate be in 98 % above. July pass in and out 3 inferior the airliner adds up to 9409 sortie, grow 0 compared to the same period. 8 % . July 3 inferior general flight grows considerably, grow 620 % compared to the same period, achieved 12583 sortie, day all 406 sortie.

Liang Jianzhang of chairman of bureau of author of combination of the group that carry Cheng, trustee tells 3 inferior daily reporter, carry Cheng each data shows, duty-free from the island shopping policy moves action to the belt of Hainan tourism very apparent. Epidemic situation is prevented accuse normalization to fall, was used to go to abroad ” buy buy buy ” consumer, turning and take aim to leave an island duty-free to shop to Hainan swim. “Direct seeding of the BOSS that carry Cheng ” on the most welcome hotel opens to booking ground of supply of goods in, 3 inferior before certain from beginning to end also room 3. Liang Jianzhang expresses, long-term in light of, he is pair of Hainan, right 3 inferior foreground is very hopeful.

As we have learned, hainan is captured ” duty-free shop swim ” blast tuyere and good luck, upgrading actively infrastructure, enlarge is duty-free from the island policy effect. 3 inferior international adds love inside duty-free city inn exclusive counter, use for the special crowd such as pregnant woman, soldier only, alleviate the pressure receiving silver of height period of time; Upstair is added

sweet turn integrated area, effective billabong client, shorten consumer shopping time. 3 inferior phoenix International Airport adds window of duty-free pick up the goods, increase to from 18 original 38, gained point of a duty-free pick up the goods newly still. Hainan custom innovation manages mode and resort, implementation leaves an island duty-free to shop informatization of whole technological process is superintended, build stable and orderly market to shop environment, aid push duty-free consumable to promote character.