Late on August 5, 3 inferior sea prosperous dream is marine not nocturnal city is performed wonderful ” dazzle dance shines quickly ” . Wang Yuanyuan of Yuan Yongdong of our newspaper reporter’s reporter is photographed

On August 8, 3 inferior international is duty-free if city shopping stream is knitted, many brands discharge a cue outside inn. Li Xueshi of reporter of learn on job is photographed

3 inferior news network on August 9 Hainan of information summer vacation time 3 inferior travel market warms up continuously, according to 3 inferior phoenix airport data shows, from July the last ten-day of a month up to now, daily passenger handling capacity is in the airport left and right sides of 50 thousand person-time, and the corresponding period kept balance basically last year… on August 8 16 when 51 minutes, CCTV news channel ” between news living broadcast ” when using nearly 2 minutes, broadcast hair report ” Hainan 3 inferior: Summer vacation time swims ” warm up ” passenger flow grows continuously ” .

Reportorial camera lens is cut above all 3 inferior hotel of some star class is downstage the hall. Inside bustling downstage hall, numerous tourist is queueing up to deal with stop add. Report, according to 3 inferior travel department introduces, at present local hotel especially the hotel of heat area is entered rate rise, partial hotel is booked lead more than 90 % , kiss ovary among them model most popular.

3 inferior travel promotion bureau is interviewing intermediary carry on to say south relevant and responsible forces: “Basically be ‘ 80 hind ‘ ‘ 90 hind ‘ these Neozoic father mother are taking the child to go out row, because now hotel not only be only provide a room, it assembled to teach a child to learn to swim, marine world, amusement park, formed to go vacationing greatly garden area. Formed to go vacationing greatly garden area..

Many characteristic civilian constellation also is one house is begged hard, be in inferior near the scene area such as Long Wan and the remotest corners of the earth community, the net that does not have amorous feelings of the Li nationality and seaside color is red civilian constellation, attracted many tourists to come round to play card. Traditional dance lion is performed, romantic and pure and fresh seaside music introduction is met, colourful entertainment activity lets tourist be enmeshed among them.

3 inferior Ma Chaojun of civilian constellation controller says: “We rely on net red economy, explore the characteristic that consumes on the line, culture of deepness mining the Li nationality, farming agrarian culture, offer activity of a few nightly recreation, make have more to experience the gender, industry state product that participates in a gender. Make have more to experience the gender, industry state product that participates in a gender..

Subsequently, camera lens is cut 3 inferior international is duty-free city, the imports and exports of inn of much home brand is in a platoon to remove cue.

According to statistic, july 3 inferior area of whole town situation is amounted to into garden number 1.1 million, with the corresponding period kept balance basically last year, each scene area still was rolled out shine quickly, new theater show, aquatic animals views and admire the seaborne, nightly sightseeing that admire the sea to swim etc, bring a tourist more travel experiences.

Turn round in the deer beauty spot summit, tourists sample at the same time cate, admire at the same time 3 inferior bay night scene. Ma Chao is accepting the tourist that comes from Shanghai when interviewing, say: “Holiday is taking the child to come, I am (towards evening) came up more at 6 o’clock, can see afterglow again, watch night scene at that time next… it is good to say this place night scene is compared. Watch night scene at that time next… it is good to say this place night scene is compared..